Use 3D rendering visualization to take your project to the next level

At TEAMPAL we create stunning 3D Rendering Visualizations for any industry. Our team has over 7 years experience in the 3D rendering field and are passionate about visual art. As a result, we are professional, easy to work with, and provide an exceptional quality of work at a great value.

3D rendering captures and holds your audience’s attention like no other medium can. This is a new trend and it is obvious that it will continue for many more years.

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Use 3D animation to take your project to the next level

3D Modelling

Use 3D modelling to bring you project to life

One of the best tools in the arsenal of selling a newely developed residential property. Residential exterior 3D renderings show the house in all of its glory because 3D rendering allows us to show the property in the best way possible. Furthermore, allowing the ability to show different materials, textures and lighting to the property. Finally making a market ready image to sell the property fast.

Likewise, commercial architectural 3D visuals are used for many similar reasons by a range of different sectors. 3D rendering allows us to show a new commercial building in all of its surroundings, giving us the ability to show key decision makers what the new development will look like and how it will integrate with the community.  

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Most frequent questions and answers

3D render visuals can range from $200 to $1000 due to this, 3D architectural rendering is a very confusing space because its difficult for clients to understand why there is such a huge price range for a image.

3D visualization is a creative process that uses computer graphics to convert 3d models into engaging images. It may include photo realistic or non photo realistic images. It is the final process of creating the actual 2D image or animation.

A photorealistic rendering is a 3D rendering that is life like. It is a style of 3D rendering that allows clients to have a image that looks as good or better than a camera could take. Photorealistic images are created from 3D models.

  1. Communicate as much as possible in your plans.
  2. Provide as many reference images as possible that you want your images to look like.
  3. Provide manufacturer specs.
  4. Collect as much feedback as you can for each draft to make the most of your revisions.
  5. Leave enough time. Although we are happy to accommodate tight timelines, it is our experience that projects that are not rushed will produce the best results.

Rendering style

Choose what style of rendering you want, for example sketch form or hyper realistic.

Camera angle
Providing us with an example of a photo or rendering that you like, in most cases, we can match it. Alternatively, if you make a markup of a camera angle on the architectural plans, we can base the renderings off of that.

Time of day and lighting
If you let us know in advance, we can usually match time-of-day lighting and interior and/or exterior lighting.

Landscape architecture

We have an extensive library of vegetation and can match most regions’ vegetation so that it is accurate to landscaping plans.

Furnishings and fixtures

We can match most interior design style. However, if you have custom furnishings and fixtures, we can custom create anything needed, custom models are at extra costs.

What different materials you want to use on certain aspects of your building.

The short answer is no. In contrast, architectural plans are ideal but not required. This is because we can work off other things such as drawings or sketches of even reference photos with some basic dimensions. Although, these options are not as accurate as using architectural plans.

Generally, we being a project with either architectural plans, or a 3D model. These assets are an excellent place for us to start, allowing us to provide you with a quote. Therefore it begins the conversation to find out the goals and expectations of your specific project, such as the style and quality you are looking for.

Generally Architectural Visuals can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the complexity and size. Let us know ahead of time if there is a deadline on your project so that we can do our best to fit your schedule. If you require us to complete the project faster we will charge a acceleration fee so we are able to pay staff for overtime.

Teampal Tip:

  • Please leave extra time for your project to ensure you can take advantage of our revisions.
  • Make any deadlines you have known upfront

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact us and we’ll ensure that the right person responds straight away.